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About Me

Hi I am Sylvia owner and founder of Walkabout Canine Consulting. 
As a full time, professional dog trainer and behaviour consultant of 30 years, certified through CPDT, IAABC, FearFreePets and as a professional member with the Pet Professional Guild, I am fortunate to be in a position where I can work with owners and their dogs all over the world to help them build lasting relationships, teach them how to build the behaviour they really want and ensure that they both thrive in their life together.  It is my mission to be able to help as many dog owners as possible to achieve their dream life together no matter what their background.  To me it is important that everyone can access valuable, up to date information and modern, fear free training advice that will help them live the life they always dreamed of with their dog.
I have been in the pet care business for 30 years and its been that long since I started providing training and behaviour help to owners and their dogs, working and providing services in several capacities.  I am a fear free certified professional, certified pet dog trainer, certified dog behaviour consultant, and studied with Behavior Works, Athabasca University (psychology), and Dog Training Academy (SF SPCA).
I have learned from many great teachers, Veterinary Behaviourists, Applied Behaviour Analysists, Certified Applied Animal Behaviourists and too many to bore you with .  I still have some brilliant mentors so that I can contribute to provide you with up to date knowledge, learning and behaviour.
I am proud to have gained hands on experience, skills and education in these years from all my teachers and mentors but also  from a variety of experiences from pet sitting, dog walking, working in veterinary hospitals, shelters, volunteering with rescues and shelters, sanctuaries, zoos, grooming, boarding, conducting classes, teaching owners and other trainers along with working with owners on a one to one basis.
I have always known that bringing owners the best possible methods for teaching their dogs is my passion. I want owners to gain their real life goals for their dogs so they can  have success and awesome relationships with their dogs.
I want you to have a great start  or if you are finding hiccups have developed I can definately help you with a plan for solutions.
Understanding complexities of behaviour and their bite size pieces is my speciality.

Bringing you a variety of options to suite your needs and schedule.  
We help you create success with your training and behaviour needs.  
Building relationships, creating motivation and positive experiences for you and your dog.
Training and Behaviour, Behaviour Assessments, Behaviour Modification Programs, Pre- puppy or adoption services, Training and Behaviour for Rescue dogs, Scent Work, Therapy/Service dog, Breeder Assessments, Special needs dogs, Teen Dog learning, Reactivity Online Sessions, Puppy Toolbox online, Online Group Classes.
Special education for other species, and education for pet care businesses.


I will work with  you at your home or on location to suite your dogs training & behaviour needs as well as in person group classes.


Whether you want a private session or be involved in group zoom classes we have you covered where ever you are. Includes access to the learning communities.


Online options for you if you prefer to work on your own.  Includes access to the communities for extra help if you wish. These online classes are not necessarily meant to help your behaviour issues.  But training your dog or puppy is always going to provide enrichment.


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From any device, any time at your convenience. Resume exactly where you left off. No limits on the number of times you can view video lessons.

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