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Creating Harmony in Relationships.
Let me help you move that dial and help you have a Good Dog!
I like to describe myself as a concept trainer as helping our dogs learn is much more than just sit and down.  
It about teaching life skills and understanding your dog as a whole.  It is about helping you teach your dog how to be part of your family and life alongside of you in harmony.
I want you to have that connection, trust, create focus, build your dogs motivation for the right choices. I want you to  to work with your dog in a way so that the communication is clear.
I am continually learning more so that I can do better for you and your dog's because if you know better you can do better. 

"Another great session to help us settle in and understand what we need to do going forward and get our girl settled into her new home. So far all the advice is working so we could not be happy as this is a such a beautiful girl and we love her so much and are happy to have her in our home. "Another Inspiring Session"again MM

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For over 30 years, I've been helping dog guardians. For me it is not just about nailing that behaviour but nailing that relationship. Let me help you move that dial to help you have a great dog. My favorite projects are you and your dog.

"Sylvia is a terrific resource. Thoughtful and professional in her approach, she provided us with the tools and knowledge that set us out on the right path to building a healthier and happier relationship with our canine friend. I would highly recommend working with Sylvia."
Sylvia is amazing. She is so patient with me and with Lily. In 1998 my husband and I purchased a yellow Labrador retriever puppy and called her Brandy. Our veterinarian recommended Walkabout Services to educate Brandy. Sylvia and another lady gave puppy classes and training. We attended with Brandy. All her life we received complements on Brandy’s excellent manners whether outside or at home. I understood that Walkabout had closed. I adopted Lily on July 23 2018 and looked for a trainer. I was so relieved to find that Walkabout is back. I do not know what I would do without Sylvia. Sylvia is the best! Lily is learning to walk on a lead politely and to have good manners when people visit at home. Lily is 10 years old and was surrendered to the Humane Society 10 days before I brought her home. There is a lot we do not know about her, however, Sylvia is able to assess her learning needs and develop lessons tailored to Lily. I believe our progress is, in large part, due to the skills and patience Sylvia brings to each of our lessons. I am so happy with Sylvia and recommend her at every opportunity. Katherine and Lily Moroun

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Where am I?
I am where ever you and your dog roam. If you are local to me in Essex County ON, I will come to your home or meet you at a pawsitively perfect location.
This can also be dependent on your needs, as Hybrid (in person & virtual) can be an option especially for behaviour sessions.
If you are further away we can have a ball with my expert virtual services, helping you with your dog training needs as well behaviour changes. Let's create a wagging tail and happy relationship.
Book a paw to paw chat and let's unleash the potential for harmony, let's get on a call.
"As a first-time puppy owner, I was quite overwhelmed and so grateful to have found Sylvia from my breeder's recommendation. I attended the Live Planned Puppyhood class, and it was super helpful!! Sylvia is very knowledgeable and has lots of experience. I found her zoom classes more valuable than some of the in-person classes that I took with other institutes. That is why I decided to attend the Teen Adolescent class as well. 🙂 I really enjoy the training sessions with Sylvia. She is giving us some valuable insights into the world of training. Her approach is very easy to follow, and the videos added credibility to the material. Thank you Sylvia, for being generous with your time and knowledge and helping us connect better with our fur friends!! MS"

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What do I offer?
I have a  variety of Dog Training and Behaviour Solutions which you can look up under services but they do include the following:

Ask the Trainer - A one time (or more)  Zoom Session  is the fastest way to get answers to  questions and more, point you in the right direction, get you started on a happy path to address your dogs training and behaviour path.  Shoot me a message and we can set up a time,  get you filling out my intake form along with more details so I can help you to get your started.
 Puppy Training Success Sessions - Let me help you teach your puppy the Life Skills that will create Harmony in Your Home.  This is beyond just obedience.  Its about life skills and more, plus you get a whole toolbox of cool training resources.  Do you want to do it yourself....great you can purchase my puppy toolbox and have fun or add on a session.  I also have an independent  Toolbox Click HERE if you want quality content to work on your own.
Adolescent/ Teen Dog - A special development stage that can leave you scratching your head.  I have you covered!  I get this stage in its entirety and can help you over those bumps in the road to you come out at the other end.  Teen Handout.    You also get an awesome Toolbox for your Teen training.  Or!  Do you want to do it yourself? can purchase my awesome Teen Toolbox Click Here that will set you up for some great training.  This is a quality toolbox where you can work on your own.   You can add on session to this as well.

Leash Walking Digital Toolbox Click here
Leash Walking Your Rowdy Teen Digital Videos Click here
All Age Dogs from Rescue to Senior - Regardless of the age of your dog or if you have adopted a new dog I have the knowledge and experience to help you set you and your dog up for success.
Behaviour Assessments  - Is your dogs behaviour concerning you?  I can do an assessment virtually by taking extensive history, video footage of your home and your dog to put some puzzle pieces together.  CLICK HERE

Behaviour Solutions, 
Changing your dogs behaviour takes time, repetition and patience.  This is not a quick fix.  What is extremely critical is to ensure your dog is healthy inside and out.  This include getting a complete medical clearance if your dog is showing struggles.  Behaviour and health are closely linked.  If we meet we can discus this further and look at starting with a gait analysis.
- Reactive Dog Solutions  CLICK HERE
- Separation Anxiety Solutions CLICK HERE
- Fearful/Anxious Solutions  CLICK HERE

Train with me virtually - I can help you with training and behaviour issues.  Many behaviour issues often needs to be worked on virtually as keeping your dog in their safe zone is key in working with you and your dog.  The training is transferred to owners and with lots of grit you can help your dog change their behaviour.  This may include getting a full medical clearance or a gait analysis which we can provide to you.

Digital Courses Do it yourself for puppy, teen, reactive dogs, along with fun and easy scent courses.  Includes videos, resources and more  CLICK HERE

Harmony Dog which is essentially a Trainer in your Pocket where I guide you in my private community
- Are you new to dogs and need help with deciding whether dog ownership is for you and what breed/size of dog will suite your lifestyle? I can help guide you.  

Healing Hearts For you - Trained in Traumatic Incident Reduction as a facilitator helping you recover from grief of a loved one, illnesses,  
and more so you can live your best life.   CLICK HERE for more information.

Want to chat, I love to speak with all in person potential clients via a Zoom Discovery Call which you can book by CLICK HERE

Join me in my Dog Training and Behaviour Community - CLICK HERE

Local to me only Let out Service for your dogs, loving care while you are away for the day.  Add on training services available.   Email Me

I  Believe in Humane Training
Essential to a well-adjusted, happy, & confident dog.
My goal is to help you live with your dog peacefully with training and behaviour services.
The Force-Free Method - Informed by Science, Guided by Empathy, Governed by Ethics" TM

In an unregulated industry such as dog training and behaviour, it’s important to understand the facts around methodology and the effects on your dog’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

There is importance in researching the work, testimonials, and credentials of the consultants and trainers in which a person seeks advice from.  These credentials show that a professional is continuing their education to stay informed so that they can provide humane dog training information.

  Understanding the science of learning through education, knowledge and years of hands on experience as with any profession is important.
Those using outdated and harsh methods may not understand the behavioural health and welfare of  animals.  

When working with a professional make sure they keeping up with the science of learning and animal training methods.

Both the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association and American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior have released statements addressing the benefits of humane training methods, and the unintended fallout of more “traditional” methods.

While we continue to learn and complete and pass courses, webinars and learnings.  Since 1989  there are way too many to list, before there were badges and now with their badges.
I learned a long time ago from a veterinarian I was employed by that continuing education was important.  
Once I started my own business  I knew this is what I needed to do to give the best service and continued with process.  
Every professional should be upgrading their knowledge.  
We can never say "I know everything there is to know"
I am committed to learning so that I can know better and do better for you and your dogs.  This has never stopped.

Learn with us as we help you
From anywhere, in the comfort in your own home.

Learn At Your Own Pace with online options

From any device, any time at your convenience. Resume exactly where you left off. No limits on the number of times you can view video lessons.  We now have a APP for those enrolled in courses!

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