If you are checking out my Website, I am guessing you are serious about your dog training and dog behaviour needs.
What is a discovery call?
This call allows us to meet via Zoom, so a cool place to really meet and speak.
You will be asked to complete a basic form once you get to my booking page so that I can know a little bit about what is going on.
Then I can provide you with information about which service would be best suited for your training and behaviour needs and how that flows.
I do not provide group sessions, I love working with owners 1 on 1 and I have found that with over 30 years of experience of working with guardians (and yes I have done group classes) that me giving you individual attention is a benefit. I get to know you and your dog.
If you would like something more group like then you may be interested in my Harmony Dog Community which is a yearly membership.
My services are delivered either in person if you are close enough to me and/or virtually.
Some behaviour cases are best done virtually so as not to trigger your dog.
I get owners and their dogs.
I also provide Life Skills Training which has a great reach for you to set your dog up for success and in real life results.

You will be directed to my Calendly Booking Page after you have gone through the Sign Up.  Scroll down to book.

 "Sylvia. Your advice and games help a lot. More importantly, teaching us to stay calm, stop over-exciting her and encourage brain activities have made things so much easier. JD." 

Discovery Call with Sylvia


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Sylvia is your professional instructor.  Proud to be a  Certified Professional Dog Trainer and Certified Dog Behavior Consultant, Fear Free Certified Professional, and Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer, Dynamic Dog Practioner as well as a Traumatic Incident Reduction Facilitator.

I have been in the field of helping pet parents for over 30 years this includes various roles working in veterinary hospitals, working in shelters, volunteering for rescues and shelters, and then in my own business providing a variety of pet services which include caring for dogs in my home, dog walking, grooming, group classes, private and virtual training and behaviour consults and sessions. I am always learning how to do better so I can help you know better and ultimately I help you and help your dog/s.

Motivation and creating a desire for your dog to create that connection is what I love to do. I want to create clarity for you and your dog. Are you ready to motivate your dog and be motivated to see them shine?   Caution though, some things take time like a fine wine.

I understand the complexities of behaviours and this is my specialty, my assessment process and behaviour training enable me to learn more about you and your dog.

I look at environmental effects, who your dog is, previous learning, and your dogs health, then add in your and your dog's learning so I know how to help you get real-life results.  As we work together adjustments can be made in the process for you and your dog.

I am committed to you 51 % and you bring the rest so you can work with your dog in an easy, practical, fun, humane, and positive way in order to gain confidence and have a great relationship with your dog.   I know you want to understand your dog so you can live happily so you get 49% of the responsibility when we work together.