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Need help with Puppy Housetraining right now?
 LET'S GET THIS POTTY THING DONE! I help puppy owners get potty training down to an art by alleviating stress with simple solutions and customized resources so that you can stop being tired and can finally stop cleaning your rugs!

Puppy Biting
It's one of the puppy problems I get asked about most often!
It’s one of those puppy behaviours that really starts to erode the loving relationship you’ve started to develop with your puppy.
To find out the 5 common reasons for puppy biting and what to do about it right now, get your FREE Help-sheet here

Ready to take your pup into the big, wide world!  
Introducing your pup to new experiences is vital but so is doing it in the right way. Going too fast or not doing enough can create problem behaviours later on. Discover the best ways to socialise your pup so they grow into a confident adult dog

Ready to take give your pup the gift of enrichment!  
Introducing your pup to new experiences is vital. Doing this in a way that they enjoy is a great gift.  
Enrichment is defined as meeting all of an animal’s needs as closely as possible to how they would be met in the wild, in order to empower them to engage in species-specific-typical behaviours in healthy and appropriate ways. “Markowitz”

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