About Me

 I am Sylvia owner and founder of Walkabout Canine Consulting.
 I have been in the pet care business for 30 years and its been that long since I started providing training and behaviour help to owners and their dogs.  
I am a fear free certified professional, certified pet dog trainer, certified dog behaviour consultant, and studied with Behavior Works, Athabasca University (psychology), and Dog Training Academy (SF SPCA) which was regarded as the Harvard to Dog Training Academy's at the time.
I have learned from many great teachers, Veterinary Behaviourists, Applied Behaviour Analysists, Certified Applied Animal Behaviourists and too many to bore you with .  
I still have some brilliant mentors so that I can provide you with up to date knowledge, learning and behaviour.
My learning has been based force free and based in science.
I am proud to have gained hands on experience, skills and education in these years from all my teachers and mentors but also  from a variety of experiences from pet sitting, dog walking, working in veterinary hospitals, shelters, volunteering with rescues and shelters, sanctuaries, zoos, grooming, boarding, conducting classes, teaching owners and mentoring trainers and of course with working with owners on a one to one basis.
I have always known that sharing with you the best possible methods for teaching your dog is my passion.
I want you to gain your real life goals for their dogs so they can  have success and awesome relationships with their dogs.
I want you to have a great start  or if you are finding hiccups that have developed I can  help you with a plan for solutions.
Understanding complexities of behaviour and their bite size pieces is my speciality.