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Motivation and creating desire is what I love to do.  Understanding the complexities of behaviour is my specialty.  Bringing you the best possible methods for living and learning with your dog is my passion which what I will share with you in order to create success.  The rest will be up to you!  


 " Sylvia was able to help our girl Dolly. She is doing amazing now...even her counter surfing happens rarely, and she will now approach people for petttings. Five months ago she was not socialized, as she was used for breeding and not used to people. Thank you so much Sylvia for all of your help!

KDH, Pet Owner

Zoom Sessions are specifically drafted for each individual client and their dog.

Sylvia Koczerzuk

Sylvia is your professional instructor. Certified Pet Dog Trainer and Certified Dog Behavior Consultant, Fear Free Certified Professional.

I have been in the field of helping owners for 30 years which includes various roles working in veterinary hospitals, working in shelters, volunteering for rescues and shelters, and then in my own business providing a variety of pet services. 

Motivation and creating desire are what I love to do. 

I understand the complexities of bite-size behaviours, and environmental effects and know how to give you real-life results.

Committed to you so you can work with your dog in an easy, effective, fun, humane and positive way in order to gain confidence and have a great relationship with your dog.   I know you want to understand your dog so  you can live happily.  

ple, claim to be "pet behaviour consultant" or "dog behaviourists" without the corresponding knowledge or experience to help people and their pets effectively. 

You want to be similarly cautious about choosing a behaviour consultant without nationally recognized credentials, even those who attended schools are not nationally recognized.  The International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants is a widely recognized professional organization that certifies those able to exhibit a rigorous standard of knowledge, experience, and ethics in their practice of animal behavior consulting (for more information, see  
I have studied at  Behavior Works under Dr. Susan Friedman - Learning and Living with Animals which focuses on Applied Behaviour Analysis.

I am always taking courses to keep up with my learning to bring you the most accurate knowledge.  (mandatory with my certifications)

Course Pricing

  • Private 1-2-1 Consult Chatham/Kent
  • $300 CAD



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  • A single 60-90 in person Session
  • Video tutorials where needed
  • Learning Handouts where needed
  • Continued support thru what's app or email
  • MEMBERSHIP Program
  • $450 CAD

    per year

    YEARLY MEMBERSHIP WHICH INCLUDES OPTIONS FOR OUR VIRTUAL CLASSES, Facebook group and 1 private session per year

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  • Yearly Membership
  • 4 Private Zoom Session a Year
  • Access to our Video Toolboxes that suits you and your dogs needs
  • Access to our Client only FACEOOK GROUP
  • Private Behaviour Consult/Assessment
  • $200 CAD


    In home or Virtually

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  • 60 - 75 Minute Consult
  • Extensive History Taking
  • Assessment if we can work together
  • Brief written assessment of issues and management needs
  • Private 1-2-1 Sessions In Home WINDSOR & ESSEX CTY
  • $345 CAD


    In Home

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  • 3 x 1 hour virtual sessions within 4 months
  • Video tutorials where needed
  • Learning Handouts where needed
  • Continued support thru what's app or email
  • $290 CAD



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  • 3 x 1 hour virtual sessions within 4 months
  • Video tutorials
  • Learning Handouts
  • Access to Trainer with whats app or emal