Private in Home Sessions Dog Training and Behaviour

6 Session Program

What our focus is for you.

I get you and I get your dog.
Are you dreading going to a group class with your dog?
 Or maybe you just finished 4 or 6 weeks but your dog still is still not getting it, this is very frustrating.  
If what you have done is not working, then you have not worked with me.
I have much to share with you to help you turn your struggles into results.
I really get pet parents, we get dogs and we really get you!
If your dog is your best friend, you are not alone.
 I understand pet owners struggles.  
I want you to be able to enjoy taking your dog for a walk and not hide in your house.  
I want you to stop wearing long sleeves because your dog is still mouthing/biting you.  What about visitors to the home?  
Let me be your guide to success.  
Many of us consider our pets valued members of our families and want the best for them.    
Sometimes, even though we love them, their behaviour gets out of control.
I want to help you make that deep connection with your dog so that your relationship is the best it can be.
 No matter if you just got your first puppy or you’re a seasoned dog owner, it can be hard to deal with excited, energetic, or aggressive actions.  
It can be exhausting trying to understand the emotions your pet is experiencing and the reasons why they are acting out.  
One of the best things about my work is being able to relieve the stress for owners of dealing with challenging behaviour that seems to happen "for no reason".  

Motivation and creating desire is what I love to do.

Most important is to help you figure out why your dog is doing that!

Help you how to change what your dog is doing.  

Understanding the complexities of behaviour is my specialty.  

Bringing you the best possible methods for living and learning with your dog is my passion which what I will share with you in order to create success.  

The rest will be up to you!  


 " Sylvia was able to help our girl Dolly. She is doing amazing now...even her counter surfing happens rarely, and she will now approach people for petttings. Five months ago she was not socialized, as she was used for breeding and not used to people. Thank you so much Sylvia for all of your help!

KDH, Pet Owner

Sylvia Koczerzuk

Sylvia is your professional instructor.  Proud to be a  Certified Professional Dog Trainer and Certified Dog Behavior Consultant, Fear Free Certified Professional, and Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer.

I have been in the field of helping pet parents for over 30 years this includes various roles working in veterinary hospitals, working in shelters, volunteering for rescues and shelters, and then in my own business providing a variety of pet services which include caring for dogs in my home, dog walking, grooming, group classes, private and virtual training and behaviour consults and sessions. I am always learning how to do better so I can help you know better.

Motivation and creating a desire for your dog to create that connection are what I love to do. I want to create clarity for you and your dog.

I understand the complexities of behaviours is my specialty and my training enables me to learn more about you and your dog.

I look at environmental effects, and you and your dogs learning so I know how to help you get real-life results.  As we work together adjustments can be made in the process for you and your dog.

I am committed to you 51 % and you bring the rest so you can work with your dog in an easy, practical, fun, humane, and positive way in order to gain confidence and have a great relationship with your dog.   I know you want to understand your dog so you can live happily so you get 49% of the responsibility when we work together.