I am really excited to be able to offer this plan for you.

Did you get your dog as a companion you can take on walks and more? too!

Are you dreading going to a group class with your dog? 
Or maybe you just finished 4 or 6 weeks but your dog still is still not getting it, this is very frustrating.  

Maybe you are a pet guardian where you want training to keep going? 
 Me too! 
What’s the secret behind getting your dog to behave? 

I have much to share with you to help you turn your struggles into results.
We really get pet parents, we get dogs and we really get you!

If your dog is your best friend, you are not alone. 
I understand pet owners struggles. 
I want you to be able to enjoy taking your dog for a walk and not hide in your house. 
I want you to stop wearing long sleeves because your dog is still mouthing/biting you. 
What about visitors to the home? 
Let me be your guide to success. 
Many of us consider our pets valued members of our families and want the best for them.   
Sometimes, even though we love them, their behaviour gets out of control.

I want to help you make that deep connection with your dog so that your relationship is the best it can be. 
No matter if you just got your first puppy or you’re a seasoned dog owner, it can be hard to deal with excited, energetic, or aggressive actions. 
It can be exhausting trying to understand the emotions your pet is experiencing and the reasons why they are acting out.  
One of the best things about my work is being able to relieve the stress for owners of dealing with challenging behaviour that seems to happen "for no reason".  

So, what’s the best solution? 

 My membership! 
My business, Walkabout Canine Consulting, was built on seeing these needs with my own pets and a desire to help others have the same success I had in training my dogs.   
As a certified pet dog trainer and behaviour consultant, I will help you by delivering methods to you that work best to help bring peace back to your home.

I will bring you my secret sauce for success in living with our dogs long term.

I believe in humane, scientifically-based training that gives your pet the foundational skills they need to have a happy and healthy life.  

We are committed to working with owners who truly want a loving companion for life and who understand the benefits of meeting their dog's physical, mental and emotional needs and the impact that can have on the health, wellbeing and behaviour of your dog.
Owners who wish their dog to reach his potential and live a fulfilled life!

*   Would you like to be part of a training and behaviour group where you can obtain all of the above goals and  keep learning all year from an expert trainer?
*   Then this is the perfect place for you.  
*   It is essentially like having access to your own encyclopedia.
Be part of a community where we will all share together.  
*  Something a bit different than your average dog training class.
*    Did you know the world is making a shift to transitioning to working and learning online?

*   Are you looking to increase your dog training skills to bring your dog's behaviour to a higher level?

*   This is a yearly membership where you get access to professional content and professional help.  
*   Get to know other pet parents.
 *  Get two monthly lives,
*   Q and A's.  
*   Get access to our new mini courses, leash walking for young dogs, leash walking for your rowdy dogs and our fun and easy scent course.
*  Ebooks and more.
*   Access to Free Webinar especially made for you.
*   A dedicated Facebook group to continue sharing and keep updated and post questions.
*   This is your Encyclopedia of training and behaviour where you can get answers and relief from behaviours that drive you crazy.  
*   You get the benefit of my over 30 years experience in the pet industry educating and training owners and their dogs with basics to behaviour struggles.  
*   Helping owners stay motivated as they are living, working and training their dog.  
*   A place where I can create solutions for your overwhelm.  
*   Create that  healthy and happy relationship you always dreamed of with your dog.  
*   Empowering and coaching dog owners so they can get relief from behaviours that are driving them crazy.  
*   A space where I help you continue  you and your dog's education.  
*   Helping you create clarity and keep  your connection with your best friend.  
*   Living life your dog and  having peace of mind.  

You get to have a trainer in your pocket and an encyclopedia of expertise.
Be part of training challenges and just have fun with continued learning for you and your dog.

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Learn with us as we help you
From anywhere, in the comfort in your own home..

Learn At Your Own Pace with online options

From any device, any time at your convenience. Resume exactly where you left off. No limits on the number of times you can view video lessons.

Awesome Community

Join our community and connect with myself and all the students from around the world who are just like you. Learn and share with the every growing community.