Sylvia has established an outstanding rapport with both our staff and clients. I have received positive feedback from staff, clients, friends and family that have used Sylvia's service. She is very professional and achieves great results with owners and their pets. She uses positive techniques, is very patient, has great people and pet skills and provides written support in the form of handouts and books. The doctors employed at our practice felt very comfortable recommending Sylvia's services to our clients. I was so pleased with her training techniques I asked her to do puppy classes at our clinic. Angel RVT

Good Morning Sylvia . I just want to tell you How Good Waylon is doing . the harness is terrific works well . and I have his hate for other dogs under control . sometimes when he sees another dog coming he will automaticly sit and look at as if to say can I have my teat now ? . when another dog coming down the sidewalk he DOES NOT bark or pull on the leash wanting to get the other dog .thankyou for all you do to help dogs .  Oct 2020 HA

I am so impressed with coco’s new trick that you taught her! We use the hand trick to lure her off the bed or couch and it works every time. I’m in awe! Lol We will be in touch as I’d like to set up a few more training sessions before baby comes. Many thanks! :) September 2020 MM

I have been a veterinarian and partner in three veterinary clinics. In the past several years I have on mutiple occasions referred clients to Sylvia Koczerzuk via her business Walkabout Canine Consulting. My clients have often commented on the patience and ability Sylvia possesses and how effective she has been In treating their behaviour Issues. Under her guidance they have been enabled to train their dogs into more optimal behaviour patterns.


Sylvia was awesome. She came with a big basket of tricks and lots of helpful advice. I have a bulldog and recently added her mother to our family. 2 fixed females who hadn't seen each other in a year and a half. They had 3 fights where I had to tear them apart and that was enough. Not to say the dogs didn't like each other because they do and always climb in each others beds to snuggle at night. I got in touch with Sylvia and she showed me lots of tips and tricks to keep the stress level low and keep control without having to raise my voice or constantly say no. We have been using the methods Sylvia showed us and have not had an issue since. We are all much happier!! SB July 2020

Sylvia is amazing. She is so patient with me and with Lily. In 1998 my husband and I purchased a yellow Labrador retriever puppy and called her Brandy. Our veterinarian recommended Walkabout Services to educate Brandy. Sylvia and another lady gave puppy classes and training. We attended with Brandy. All her life we received complements on Brandy’s excellent manners whether outside or at home. I understood that Walkabout had closed. I adopted Lily on July 23 2018 and looked for a trainer. I was so relieved to find that Walkabout is back. I do not know what I would do without Sylvia. Sylvia is the best! Lily is learning to walk on a lead politely and to have good manners when people visit at home. Lily is 10 years old and was surrendered to the Humane Society 10 days before I brought her home. Cont…

There is a lot we do not know about her, however, Sylvia is able to assess her learning needs and develop lessons tailored to Lily. I believe our progress is, in large part, due to the skills and patience Sylvia brings to each of our lessons. I am so happy with Sylvia and recommend her at every opportunity.

Katherine and Lily  June 2018

I recently adopted a rescue dog from Michigan who had some abuse issues. When I first got him, he even bared his teeth and growled at me. I have young grandchildren and I had never dealt with a dog like this one. I had no idea what to do. I called Walkabout Canine Consulting and had a conversation with Sylvia. She was wonderful on the phone and started to relieve my concerns even with just a phone call. Since then, she has visited my home several times to help me learn how to deal with gaining my dog's trust. He has made great strides in the short period of time I have had him, thanks to Sylvia's help. I have learned a lot from her. I would highly recommend her methods of training. Not only is she a good teacher, but she's got a great personality as well. It's a pleasure to work with her.. SH Nov 2018

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