Hi ! my name is Sylvia Koczerzuk I am proud to use my skills, knowledge and experiences together in offering the combination of services to help with your dogs mental and physical wellness.

​ I am a Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Skills Assessed (CCPDT), a Certified Dog Behaviour Consultant (IAABC), a Graduate of the prestigious San Francisco SPCA Academy for Dog Trainers (SF/SPCA).  I am also  Fear Free Certified  with Fear Free Pets(fearfreepets.com).  I studied at the University of Athabasca and Behavior Works under Dr Susan Friedman. As I am passionate about what I do, so you will find me attending educational seminars and workshops which focus on current dog & animal training, canine behaviour disciplines, as well as animal wellness programs which include nutrition, basic husbandry, healing with herbs (Dr. R. Kidd, DVM) and many more. 

I am the owner and operator of Walkabout Canine Consulting.

I have owned and operated Walkabout Canine Consulting (previously known as Walkabout Services for Windsor Essex clients) since 1995 providing clients with training, behaviour counselling, pet sitting, dog walking, in home boarding, and grooming services.  I have lived in many areas of the country working at several veterinary hospitals, volunteered for rescues, shelters and managed a shelter behaviour department implementing behaviour protocols.  In 2005 I volunteered for Best Friends Animal Sanctuary after Hurricane Katrina.

I have organized and operated training classes as well as individualized training sessions, behaviour counselling and behaviour assessments.

My love for animals started as a child and I started my career as dog walker and lover at the age of 12 waiting for my best pals to be ready for having a good time.  As a pet owner I became very conscientious about my dogs health and behaviour so I read everything I could get my hands on and at that time there was little out there for pet owners.  I managed to become friends with a wonderful woman by the name of Eleanor Rossler (Planned Puppyhood) who mentored me in puppy training which at that time (1980's) no one did any kind of puppy kindergarten or heard of puppy classes.  I knew this was wrong and was lucky to find Eleanor. At the time Eleanor knew you needed to start young so she did provide one on one puppy training for owners.

I started learning about animal behaviour (1990) while working in the veterinary field where I was responsible for counseling clients.  Most of this education came from veterinary behaviourists and applied animal behaviourists, biologists and trainers: Dr.  D. McKeown DVM ( U of Guelph), Dr. Ian Dunbar DVM were my first educators in training and behaviour.  After that I learned from many including,Dr. Andrew Luescher, Dr. Jack Halip , Dr. Nicholas Dodman, Dr. Karen Overall,  Roger Abrantes, Dr. Pam Reid, Kathy Sdao, Ken Remiraz, Dr. Gary Landsberg, Jean Donaldson, Donna Duford, Sue Sternberg,Dr. Tom Mitchell,Lara Joseph, Lauren Langmen, Dr Susan Friedman and there are so many more great teachers which have given me a solid foundation in dog/ cat and the science of behaviour.  I am passionate about training and behaviour and more importantly helping owners succeed in their goals with their pets.  Methods used for changing behaviour, are recommended by veterinary behaviourists, applied animal behaviourists and humane societies and animal trainers throughout North America and abroad.   Skills and techniques are recognized and validated with independent certifications that require peer, client, veterinary, examination and case productions requiring ongoing continuing education. I continue to network and learn about animals by attending seminars, workshops and classes. ​

I am committed to teaching owners how to used positive techniques, based on learning theory, social theories, and concepts that help  to maximize the pet-owner experience and their relationship.  If you would to start working on creating success we have lots of  fun ways to achieve this.  Animal training keeps changing and evolving. Using positive reinforcement training techniques, we give you the tools to help your dog understand what you WANT him to do, rather than things you don't want! We rely heavily on Applied Behaviour Analysis using positive reinforcement when working with animals.
I use technology that has been proven over and over again to strengthen your life with your dog and change the way he views you and his/her world.  With over 25years experience I have many tricks in my basket to help teach your dog.

I love working towards the good of animal welfare so I do volunteer in different ways by either working with in my community making dog and cat toys at the Kingsville Community Centre and training (well play really) some of my friends at Charlottes Freedom Farm.

You can usually catch me having fun and training my dogs Emma NTD, ITD and Liam NTD


Copyright 2022, No animals were harmed in the making

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