What is all this biting about! #puppy #biting

Top Tips for addressing Puppy Biting

1. Puppies need A LOT of rest. If your puppy crashes after a biting fit, its likely they were over tired, and lacking ability to play nicely. Make sure you are giving your dogs chances to nap away from the family. 2. Make sure all basic needs are met, eating (we will talk about this later), stimulation, water, gentle exercise, variety and like we said above REST! Dogs need a mix of high stimulation with low stimulation (sniffs, slow walks, chewing) 3. Safeguard your puppy around new experiences. They won’t always make the best decisions with dogs, people, cars, children and so much more. Make sure your pup is not getting over aroused with too much play or exciting things. Dogs can become over adrenalized to the point where it is hard not to use their mouths. Use enrichment and management to give them a break. 4. Make good decisions for your puppy - no your puppy does not know best! 5. Start the way you mean to go on. So decide what you want in the long run and work incrementally and fairly towards that goal!

6. Puppy biting is normal. Biting is how puppies explore and learn about their world. Like human toddlers who use their hands, puppies use their mouths. Their teeth are sharp so when they are playing with each other as a species they learn about inhibiting the force of their bite through feedback from other puppies.

7. a. Keep toys easily accessible so that you can redirect them to the toys. Play with them so that they learn to interact with the toys, the play will be reinforcing to them and give them an outlet. Teach your pup to play calmly and nicely with the toy and you.

7. b. Teach your puppy to enjoy Kong toys or any other type of foraging toy. This can have a calming effect while your puppy is in their crate. It gives them a satisfying and legal outlet for their mouths. Teach them to love these toys. You can easily use much of your dog’s daily calories for this.

7. c. Calm stroking to calm pups down is a great concept to teach and will take you into adulthood. Missing or ignoring body language that says “don’t do that” leads to dogs taking further action to stop the unpleasant even. This can be during petting, play or around food or toys.

8. If they bite you, say OUCH and STOP playing. Stand up and stop interacting so that the puppy calms down. Its time to go rest

9. If your puppy won’t stop biting you they are likely getting over aroused and this typically indicate that it is time for a rest. Remember number 1. Puppies need a lot of rest.

10. Consistency and repetition from everyone in the household will create success.

Training takes times as your puppy grows through its developmental stages through adolescences and into adulthood.

TIPS OF WHAT IS NOT HELPFUL IN TEACHING OUR PUPS – No grabbing their mouth, pushing as this can cause fear, frustration and actually escalate the puppies biting.

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