Smart Start Puppy Kindergarten

Join us for 8 weeks where we will help you set you and your puppy up for success. We know that training puppies as soon as we get them home will create long term success.

You do not have to wait and we will make sure your pup is safe.

This class is for puppies who have had their first vaccine, 8 weeks old and the maximum age of joining our class is 12 weeks depending on the breed. We know that the benefits of getting your puppy to a controlled environment for learning far out weigh the risks. Join us as we start you with teaching your fear free using positive reinforcement training to prepare for situations and help you teach your dog to prevent future behaviour issues.

Contact me for details as I would love to help you teach you and your pup. You can email me at or private message me though messenger or text me at 226-348-3948

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- Virtual & Mobile for

Behaviour Consulting &          Training

- Memberships

- Behaviour Assessment
- Training pups to elderly
- Puppy ABC's

- Pre Pet Owners consults

- Family planning for those who have dogs in the home

- Rescue Support

- Companion Animals


By Appointment



853 Lawndale Ave

Kingsville, ON  N9Y 3S5

Tel:  226-348-3948 call or text

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