Sexier than a Squirrel!

Are you looking to start or continue your dog training progress?

Would you like some focus that I hope will be an optimism boost for you and your dog?

We have a way for you to work and enrich your dog’s life when life might look a little different for awhile.

We’ll be following a daily challenge where each day you will play a new game with your dog. The aim of the challenge is to make sure that we are all as ready and as homeschooled as we can be such that when we are back to business as usual our dogs choose us over the environment – putting an end to struggles like pulling on lead, being distracted by critters/other dogs/scents and simply not listening!

People from all over the world are and will be going through this challenge with you that will be delivered online in a video format

… and it is affectionately named “The Worldwide 25 Day Sexier Than a Squirrel Challenge.

I’ll be coaching you along the process as usual and here is how you can ask me questions and get feedback:

-Join the Superchicks ( that’s my 5 other fabulous worldwide training partners) Sexier than a Squirrel Challenge student Facebook group and share your progress and struggles,

-Send me an email

-Contact me directly through Walkabout Canine Consultant on Facebook

It’s going to be so much fun and should really give us all something to focus on and work towards in this time – I’ll be going through the challenge with my dogs too!

These are challenging times and ones where small businesses really have to think creatively to stay alive, and this is where I’m excited and passionate about Walkabout Canine Consulting not only helping you in this time but also existing following this tough time so that we can resume all the fun when the world calms down! I appreciate your support  of Walkabout Canine Consulting in this time – it’s time we really do have to work together.

If you are interested in joining you can PM for details.

ONLY $45.00 CDN

Did I mention that you get to keep this for LIFETIME??

Then head to the Superchicks student Facebook group to access the additional teaching and coaching we are providing:

This is an exciting time! Where some people may see problems, we here at Walkabout Canine Consulting pride ourselves on finding solutions – not just when it comes to pulling on lead, being distracted and not listening – but also when the world throws us a curve ball!

Let’s keep the energy up and the dog training results coming!

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