Rainy days of November??

Its November 5th and its a stormy day. Not the snowy kind but the rain, thunder and lightening type of storm day. Luckily we were able to get out in the morning for a good romp but now its pretty grim. The thunder is loud so this is an opportunity to create a positive association to the thunder, which Emma, pictured here is not happy about. For now she is giving off alarm barks at the rumble. With every rumble I throw a treat for all the dogs. Her alarm barks are annoying to us but I know she is truly concerned so I dont fuss except to tell her shes okay in a calm voice and throw her a treat. We are about to sit down for lunch so I brought out some bones from the freezer which were stuffed with goodies like Benko sticks, pieces of Bulley sticks, some yogurt and pieces of kibble. They all love it and kept them preoccupied as the thunder continued and serve as conditioning for them. Since everyone is young I continue to pair rumbles with things that they love. Hopefully this will be the last of the thunderstorms for this season. Well until we head south to the beach in the winter.

#train #dog #conditioning

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