Use the Nose!!

What better way to expend some of your dogs energy than by using their natural hunting instincts. Nose work is fun and easy for owner to start their dogs at home. Dogs of any age to do this, there is no prerequisite requirements, all dogs no matteer what! This is a great outlet and can help dogs build their confidence and/or direct needless energy to something they will quickly become addicted to. Fun for the owners to watch and learn all about your dogs drive for hunting. All you need are some cardboard boxes as these are going to be the focal point (about 4 - 6 and they should be the appropriate size for the dog). A reward, decide food or toy ( does the dog really want it!). Food rewards must be very small about 6 - 8 pieces. Start inside the house. Let your dog see where the food reward is going so that he gets the game of what he is sniffing out. Once he find the box with the treats place more in the box so that the box becomes the focal point and stays there, then let him have a couple of turns. Once he gets excited about the game start resetting the area with your dog out of the room....still add treats as your dog finds it. Its all about the boxes in the beginning stages of this great activity. Boxes grow in importance! AND have fun!

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