Armchair dog training!

Do you like to sit and relax after a long day! Yup me too! you want your dog to chillax along with you? Yup me too! Maybe your dog already does it as a habit and routine. But....does your dog lie down calmly other times of the day? If not an easy way to teach this to your dog is pretty easy as sitting in your favourite chair....reward it for lying around calm and quiet....why? hes already doing it?! Yes but do you want to build this behaviour so they your dog offers it other times of the day? in other parts of the house or yard. On outing? You can use your dog supper ration for this exericise and simply take no more than 3 mintues and hand out 12 pieces of kibble at intervals when you add a calm gooood dog with a calm e a s y he is now learning this on que. Start in the house obviously during quiet times and simply start using it other times and places in the house, then process to the yard and now you can practice in other places, friends or families homes so your dog understands the concept of this exercise. If you want to take a bit further you can use specific spots in your home where you want this to happen like in this picture the dogs are lying on a matt.....I like using dog beds and matts in my house.

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