At Walkabout Canine Consulting we are committed to helping you teach your dog what you want him to know, while making training enjoyable for both of you. 

We are excited to get the opportunity to work with you and your pet as we love to see owners happy as they teach, watch and enjoy growing with their dog.

We know that the major reason pets are given up to animal shelters is because of behaviour problems. 

We don't want that to happen to your pet, so our training and behaviour services help you so that your are able to set your dog up for success and/or address the concerns you have about your pet's behaviour.  

It's much more effective and easier for you to either create new good behaviour and/or prevent behaviour problems than to correct them.  That's why training our pets is so important.  

Check out our various services below to see if we can you improve living happily with your pet. 


All services are backed up with a continued Group Page with learning references.  We do not leave you hanging and are always available to clients as they work through their goals.  It does not matter whether you have done one session or ten, if you are committed to working with your dog we are ready to help you.

An important philosophy for us is to look at you and your pet as an individual, your relationship.  We want you to see that relationship as a bank account that we want filled with many positive interactions.   Our goal includes you to have a healthy relationship with your dog right now! Whether its a new puppy, new dog or a resident dog.

The thing is building and creating a happy relationship or making changes is completely doable.  

I like to look at building a hefty bank account for behaviour you want to build instead of the behaviours you do not want. 

You can pay into the bank account with any positive interaction – for example training exercises/games, toys, play, affection, massage, you name it! And the key is to keep the balance high in the face of withdrawals that might happen in the form of conflict, frustration, reactivity, intimidation, etc.  This is what training using positive reinforcement accomplishes. 

I often get "how do I stop that" question from clients.   I will look at what  "that" is and help you look at alternatives so that you can train your dogs for those.   We build behaviours without the use of force.  Why ?  Because it works!  We work by creating skills that can be applied in situations and break those down into doable steps.


Is your dog or are your dogs struggling?  I look at how your dog or dogs are dealing with everyday life and start building their optimism and confidence with training, well its more than training really.  It really is behaviour change.  Training is confidence building and animals love positive reinforcement training.  Struggles result in a whole list of aggressive, fear, anxiety type behaviour responses?  SO YUP I CAN HELP.  

I work on using fear free and easy learning concepts to help make changes so that the struggles become less and those struggles turn into more successes. 

My specialty, its analyzing behaviour and devising a plan to create success. Owners who are happy to be a part of that process is what brings success.

Working with your dog should be easy and fun.  It isn’t necessarily always quick but if you are willing to commit to working each exercise with consistency and repetition you are sure to get the success you would like to see.


WARNING:  We reserve the right to work with committed clients who are  willing to participate in the procedures that have been set up.  We are happy and always willing to go at your pace for learning new concepts.  We know what it takes to make positive changes.

All appointments require a 24 hours cancellation notice otherwise will considered as one fulfilled lesson.

We service the Windsor, Leamington, Wheatley, Kingsville, LaSalle, Tecumseh, Amherstburg and Essex Country Area and the Chatham area. Some of the areas are subject to a kilometer charge outside Essex County ON.

We can also provide services well beyond our perimeter with the technology of virtual lessons. 

I do not need to see the behaviour, I seldom do as I am aware of what it looks like and working through video gets me great views.














Are you looking for a specialty?   The thing is my speciality is understanding how to use the science and technology of learning to help you build what you need regardless of the training goal. *** Medical issues must always be ruled out first.***

Our specialty is Training and Behaviour using applied behaviour analysis using positive reinforcement.  This is one of our primary lenses we look through working with you and your pet.  Of course other lenses are used as an adjunct to helping you be successful. We work with reactivity, separation anxiety, dog - dog issues, dog - human issues, resource guarding, anxiety and fearful animals.

I am a fear free certified professional, certified pet dog trainer KA, certified dog behaviour consultant (IAABC). Working in the pet field for 30 years.  We work with you and your dog as individuals to gain the help and results you need.


Fear free based training provided using many concept solutions that will bring you results.

Behaviour Consults – Mobile in your home and/or through virtual (ZOOM) consults.  Includes continued learning groups with resources.

Behaviour Assessment - Full history taken which is available either in your home or through virtual (ZOOM) consults which can include video footage.  Owners will often want me to see the behaviour but believe me I do know what it looks like and the last thing is me wanting your dog to get upset again.  All behaviour consults must have a complete health assessment completed by your veterinarian.  Includes learning group with reference material.

Fill our or basic history form.

Puppy and all age training – Mobile in your home and virtual.  Includes learning groups with reference material.  Check out our Smart Start puppy kindergarten group and Zoom classes

Smart Start Puppy Kindergarten Classes

Good Dog Life Skills in person Group Classes -

Single Event sessions held every 2nd, 3rd, 4th Thursday of the months - check for the topics on our Facebook Page under Events -

Scent Classes, Fun and Easy Group & Zoom Class  -




Baby Prep Consults – Helping new families prep your dog for success.

Therapy/Service Dog prep training – Mobile and Virtual   - this is a lengthy process with lots of training involved.


We are a Companion Paws Adjudicator -

Zoom meetings or telephone consults are a great way to help you, its just like in person.

DO IT YOURSELF LIFE SKILLS?  We have a Good Dog Life Skills class all online and do at your own pace.   


Breeder Puppy Assessments and Consults available.

Looking for a game based approach to build more focus in your dog, this is the ultimate in building you and your dogs relationship and will build your dogs focus, desire and proximity,   you can check out the Squirrel Challenge. 

Would you like access to a trainer for the year?  check out our SMART START MEMBERSHIP.

We offer group presentations.

Let us help you teach concepts that bring you results.

*****Housetraining  Facebook  Group – Housetraining help for your puppy and dog.

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