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What is the Puppy Solutions Hub?

I've pulled together some of the most common puppy solutions I get asked about and put them all in one place; The Puppy Solutions Hub!

Starting your puppy off on the right track from day-one means that you need to have quality information so that you can start to teach them how to live in our human-world.

Many of the dogs in rescue could have benefitted from more solid foundations in their puppyhood. So getting things right in puppyhood often prevents problems later in life.

Inside the Puppy Solutions Hub you'll find:

*  Solutions to 8 of the most common Puppy Problems
*  Puppy Pre-School to get you & your Pup off on the right paw from day one!
*  Puppy Socialisation for when you're ready to take your Puppy into the big, wide world
*  Enrichment Fun
*  Potty Training Success

 You can even take a Sneaky-Peek at the training included inside our short-courses!

One of the most effective ways to give you the info you need is with an On Demand online puppy training.
Learning at a time that suits you and at your puppy’s pace means you can refer back to the puppy training at any time!


Sneaky-Peek at the training included inside our short-courses!

Need help with Puppy Problems right now?
 Stop 8 of the most common puppy problems and get your puppy back on track!
With our simple solutions and easy access, you'll have the help you need today!
Find out how to teach your puppy to make better choices below

Need help with Puppy Housetraining right now?
 LET'S GET THIS POTTY THING DONE! I help puppy owners get potty training down to an art by alleviating stress with simple solutions and customized resources so that you can stop being tired and can finally stop cleaning your rugs!

Puppy Biting
 It's one of the puppy problems I get asked about most often!
It’s one of those puppy behaviours that really starts to erode the loving relationship you’ve started to develop with your puppy.
To find out the 5 common reasons for puppy biting and what to do about it right now, get your FREE Help-sheet here

Ready to take your pup into the big, wide world!  
Introducing your pup to new experiences is vital but so is doing it in the right way. Going too fast or not doing enough can create problem behaviours later on. Discover the best ways to socialise your pup so they grow into a confident adult dog 

Ready to take give your pup the gift of enrichment!  
Introducing your pup to new experiences is vital. Doing this in a way that they enjoy is a great gift.  
Enrichment is defined as meeting all of an animal’s needs as closely as possible to how they would be met in the wild, in order to empower them to engage in species-specific-typical behaviours in healthy and appropriate ways. “Markowitz”

Getting ready to bring your new puppy home!
  Bring your new puppy home is so exciting and to be honest a little scary!
This program is going to help you and your family how to make sense of your puppy’s developmental stages along with  helping you train your puppy (aged 2 -5 months).  
For everything you need to set up your home, what to expect and start building that special bond from day one,
This is Planned Puppyhood at its best Puppy Pre-School Master Class or VIP.  
So Book a Discovery call to learn more and how we can give a clear program

Learn At Your Own Pace with online options

From any device, any time at your convenience. Resume exactly where you left off. No limits on the number of times you can view video lessons.

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