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Why Virtual Training Works

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Ask a Professional Behaviour Consultant
Professional Virtual Coaching

I want to make you the best dog trainer out there for your dog!  
What happens?
We go into detail about your dogs behaviour, the where, how, who, etc.
I also don't need to be there to physically help you and your dog, as I educate YOU on how.
I want you to feel confident living with and helping your dog!      
What do you need?   A computer with zoom or any kind of technology with zoom.
I use it because I can record and send you the copy of our consultation for later reference!    
Some of the benefits of going online:  Reactive/nervous/anxious etc dogs don't have to worry about meeting a new person.  
How do we proceed?
These sessions also include completing an online behaviour and training questionnaire. You will journal your dogs day.  The problem behaviours including what is happening prior to during and after.  We can share videos, you can write up detailed descriptions about your dogs typical body language on a day to day basis (not the reaction) along with videos. Video your home set up. Video walks with your dog where they are not confronting any triggers. There is never a need for me to experience it in order to help you. We should never want to set our dogs up to rehearse or feel the problem behaviour.
More flexibility in booking consultations (including distance and hours in the day).
You can be anywhere in the world in order for me to help you.
You don't have to worry about managing your dog and you are able to learn more efficiently as well!  
Saving money on fuel!  
You get to be at home where you and your dog are most comfortable, when you are comfortable you are more open to learning.  
The recording!! You get to see exactly what we covered in the consultation.        
Details:  Consultations are online and go for 60mins or more depending on the circumstance .
I then send a recording of the behaviour assessment.
If you plan on continuing with booking consultations we can proceed with setting session up.
You can contact me between sessions and I will either reply straight away or cover it in the next consultation.
I will also give  you resources like  videos, handouts and ebooks to use along with the learning!